Hardware and methodological support for scientific and applied radiometry of the atmosphere


  • В.К. Волосюк
  • С.С. Жила
  • А.Д. Собколов
  • В.В. Павликов
  • Н.В. Руженцев
  • Д.С. Сальников
  • А.А. Мерзликин
  • А.И. Цопа




радиометрия, спутниковая связь, миллиметровый диапазон, атмосфера, микроклимат, радиоволны


The developed radiometric complex for studying the atmosphere at frequencies of 12, 40 and 94 GHz is described and the choice of its operating frequencies for remote sensing and auxiliary telecommunication applications is justified. Estimation of the accuracy characteristics is carried out for various calibration methods and procedures for radiometric measurements, for determining the radio brightness temperature of the atmosphere and for complete vertical attenuation in it. The results of experimental testing of the hardware-methodological support developed for the tasks of scientific and applied atmospheric radiometry are presented.


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