Analysis of methods for detecting attacks on facial biometric authentication in mobile devices




attack, biometric authentication, protection, camera, face, neural network, Android, Deepfake, GAN, PyTorch Mobile, TensorFlow Lite


The object of the research is facial biometric authentication in the context of mobile devices (financial and government applications, etc.) of the Android and IOS platforms. The subject of the research is methods of detecting attacks on biometric authentication by face in mobile devices. The purpose of the work is to investigate the methods of creating and recognizing Deepfake videos, to evaluate the possibility of local recognition of fakes within applications in mobile devices of the Android and IOS platforms.

As a result, the vulnerability of biometric authentication to Deepfake technology was confirmed, methods for recognizing fakes were analyzed, and the effectiveness of using a neural network model for local recognition of Deepfake in a mobile device was experimentally confirmed. Conclusions are drawn about possible ways to optimize the size of the model with an emphasis on maintaining accuracy.


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Dolhanenko, O., Sievierinov, O., Viukhin, D., Kotsiuba, V., & Krepko, A. (2023). Analysis of methods for detecting attacks on facial biometric authentication in mobile devices. Radiotekhnika, 4(215), 13–21.