Complex processing of signals of integrated unmanned aerial vehicles surveillance system with the use of target designation




unmanned aerial vehicle, detection, recognition, radar station, sodar, video camera, integrated system, signal processing, target designation


One of the urgent scientific and technical problems of our time is the development of methods and means of protecting various objects against the impact of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which carry a significant potential threat to various areas of human activity – military, economic and everyday life. Significant technical capabilities, a wide range and relatively low cost of UAVs, combined with the difficulties of their observation and control, are the main features of this problem. Currently, radar, acoustic, optical and infrared methods with the appropriate facilities are widely used to detect and observe unmanned aerial vehicles.

The article discusses the information capabilities of each of the methods and tools that are a part of an integrated system for detecting, measuring coordinates and parameters of UAV motion. It is shown that the radar method has the best search capabilities, while optical, infrared and acoustic methods are inferior to it. An algorithm for sequential connection of information resources available in an integrated system is discussed, taking into account the availability of search capabilities of the relevant means.

New effective methods of complex processing of multimodal signals and images in a complex integrated surveillance system for unmanned aerial vehicles, built taking into account the natural spatial separation of various information channels and using target designation, have been synthesized. The features of combining multimodal information with the use of neural network technologies when using target designations in an integrated system are shown.


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